This is screaming photo-op (purplesky30) wrote in so_dorky,
This is screaming photo-op


~~About You~~
-What's your name?: Stacey
-How old are you?: 13
-How many toes do you have?: 10! 
-What is your favorite day?: Saturday cuz.... no school!
-Favorite state/country/place?: My fav state.. of course.. my great state of Texas!  Country... the US of A*  Place.. My house.. with my butt planted on the comp 
-Favorite number?: 14
-Favorite color?: Silver
-Can you Count to one-hundred?: I did once... wen i wuz in 2nd grade...
-How about two-hundred?: woo!  big number.. let me try... 1.. 2.. 3.......

~~Getting Personal~~
-Do you own a car?: Yeah... a remote control car
-What color is your room?: yellow....bleh!
-Do you have any pets?: nope
-Tell me a secret. Anything.: well.. nobody really knos this but... I'm a Daniel Radcliffe fanatic
-Make me laugh: ok... there were 2 muffins in an oven... one of the muffins says.. "We r in an oven!" and the other one replys "Oh my gosh a talking muffin"   HaHa....
-If you could be any animal, what would you be?: my fav animal a white tiger!  cuz its flipping awesome!
-What's your favorite quote/lyric/saying?:

"What are you going to do today Napoleon?"

"Whatever I feel like I wanna do.. gosh!"

-Why did you join this community?: So  I can be with fellow dorks.. like me!
-Do/did you like school? Why {or} Why Not?: Heck no i dont like school..... like I really need 2 kno wut the circumference of an orange is...
-Do you like music? If so, what kind/which bands/singers?: Music... I'm a music freak!  I love Linkin Park, Evanescence... Green Day... Simple Plan.. and alot more
-If you could be in one place right now, where would you be? Why?:Best Buy... cuz their gadgets are sweet


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